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___ find the the first occurrence of a substring in a sentenceA special method to perform any activity required to instantiate an object is called a(an)
A(n) ________ is an ordered map that assigns values to keys?Arrays can be sorted with which of the following functions?
Function that represent a behavior of a class are called _____Include files must have the file extension
Instantiate an object Demo: require_once("class.Demo.php");PHP constants:
The control error operator is:The file handle argument in fread() allows you to specify _______.
What 2 types of parsers are used in PHP?What are the levels of visibility possible for a variable or method?
What function is used to convert an argument specifying any base in the range 2 to 36?What function raised the first argument to power of the second argument, with decimal places to be specified by scale factor?
What function takes any number of numerical arguments and returns the largest of the arguments?What is the correct way to add 1 to $counter variable?
What is the expression for returning the square root of 2?What is the name of instances of a class that contain all the internal data and state information need fo the application the run
What is the term for using a class to create an object?What kind of elements can be contained in constants?
What operator can be used to detect odd or even numbers?What PHP function converts number from base 10 to base 16?
What PHP type represents a series of characters?Which bitwise operator will set the bits that are set in either $a or $b.
Which configuration directive, in conjuction with memcache.allow_failover , defines how many servers to try when setting and getting data?Which control structure allows you to quickly traverse through an array?
Which function checks whether a file or directory exists?Which function gets permissions for the given file?
Which function parses input from a file according to a format?Which function returns the largest number that may be returned by rand()?
Which function takes a single argument and returns the largest integer that less or equal to that argument?Which function writes a string to a file?
Which interface allows you to use a design pattern that is characteristically changed with the instantiation process?Which kind of reference action allows you to have two variables referring to same content?
Which of the following allows you to set a user-defined exception handler function?Which of the following are examples of resource types in cURL?
Which of the following is an example of predefined cURL constant?Which of the following is correct for adding a comment in a PHP script?
Which of the following is correct in PHP (zero as false)?Which of the following is NOT a correct way to specify a string?
Which of the following is the correct syntax to retrieve an object from memcache module?Which of the following is the only keyword can be written before the namespace at the top of the file?
Which of the following open the file "time.txt" as readable?Which of the following returns the remainder of $a divided by $b?
Which of the following shifts the bits of $a $b steps to the left?Which of the following will print "Hi " followed a name argument passed to the function?
Which Perl Compatible Regex character will cause any special character to be treated as a simple matching character?Which PHP operator type allows evaluation and manipulation of specific bits within an integer?
Which POSIX function takes a pattern, a target string, and an optional limit on the number of portions to split the string into.Which POSIX function takes the following two string arguments and optional third-array argument: a POSIX style regular expression patern, and the target string to be matched?
Which statement allows you to end a loop?Which statement can replace several else Statements?
Which statement retrieves the value of a function after it is called?