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A frameset document does NOT haveAn <input> field must be enclosed in:
HTML display can be affected byHTML files should be uploaded to the server as
HTML standart are set byIn HTML version 1-3, the <li> tag:
In HTML5, how can you change the state of the browser without changing the content of the page?Like programming languages, HTML is updated in _____.
Text/Html is called the ___ of the pageThe <em> tag creates _____ text in most browsers.
The <fieldset> tag is used for group:The <strong> tag normally renders text as:
The <th> tag indicated:The most common filename for "home" page of a directory is ____ (with an extension such as .htm)
The page, script or operation called by a form is specified in the ____ attributeThe top-level container for an HTML document is
To hyperlink an image , you must use theWhat is the best way to bold a section of text
Where is the mega tag located?Which code will create bold text in most browsers
Which of the following can NOT be done with an HTML form and accompanying scriptWhich of the following is correct
Which of the following is NOT valid HTML 1 code (a, p, p, strong)Which of the following is NOT valid HTML code (em p meta link pre)
Which of the following tags will NOT create a line break in a HTML document?Which of these elements can be nested inside an ordered list
Which of these is properly nested?Which tag is use to show title of field set frame