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<legend> tag is associated with:Among these, which is not valid tag
As per HTML standarts, which of the following tags doesn't have an end tag?colspan is an attribute of the ___ tag.
Framesets are defined withHTML can be written:
In HTML documents, the copyright symbol should be written asOne way to create bold text in an HTML document is the ____ tag.
The ___ tag creates a term for a definition list.The ___ tag is deprecated, but still supported by most browsers.
The "registered" symbol should be presented in an HTML document asThe <dl> tag is used to create a:
The <link> tagThe <option> tag
The correct (although deprecated) code to add a background image to a web page isThe following code is used to create a multi-line text box in a form.
The HTML code to create a simple text input field is:This code: <body bgcolor="#ffff00"> will:
To create a bold, large heading on your web page, use the ____ tag.To create link to an email address, use this format
To create space around an image, you can use:To display a blank space on an HTML page, use:
To link to a file two directories above the current directory, the path would beTo make sure a hyperlinked page replaces the current page, use:
Use the ___ tag to display text as capital lettersUse the ____ tag to underline text
What color page background will this code create? ...What is the iframe tag meant for
What tag is used to add column to tablesWhich code completes this correctly: <table><tr><td></td><td> ?
Which of the following atributes makes a tag associated with the css style #style1{color:red;}Which of the following is a properly formatted HTML comment
Which of the following is a valid code to hide an imageWhich of the following is an absolute link?
Which of the following is NOT a valid <table> attribute?Which of the following is NOT an attribute of the <form> tag?
Which of the following is not html5 element?Which of the following is not true regarding the HTML <script> tag
Which of the following is NOT valid HTML code (a, p, p, strong)Which of the following is NOT valid HTML code (frameset)
Which of the following is NOT valid HTML code (meta, span, h3)Which of the following is NOT valid HTML code (p, ol, a)
Which of these tags requires an ending tag in an HTML documentWhich property can be used to set balloon tip for an HTML tag?